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Slipper Care Guide

When you are purchasing slippers from French Knot, it is our duty to make sure that you get the best use out of them. To ensure that your slippers remain in good condition for a long time, being cautious with how you care for them is a priority. Below, we have included some tips that will help preserve your new favorite cozy shoe and minimize the risk of damaging them.


Do not machine wash!

Putting your slippers in the washing machine is a recipe for disaster. It is very likely that machine washing your slippers will result in them becoming deformed and reduce their ability to withstand wear.

Spot clean with mild soap and warm water!

It is important to note that although you should entirely avoid machine washing or submerging the slipper in water, there is a way to clean them if a stain presents itself. By using a rag with warm water and a few drops of a gentle soap or detergent, the spot can be gently and successfully remedied.  

Stick to wearing them indoors!

We advise our customers to avoid wearing our slippers outside. If worn in the outdoors, you run the risk of accumulating dirt and various stains on the suede or wool. To keep your pair of slippers in mint condition for as long as possible, it is important to be very cautious of the terrain they are traveling across!

Clean suede bottoms with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar!

Often after lots of wear, the suede soles of your slippers may become discolored with dirt, dust, or anything else you may be treading over. In order to restore the bottom of your slippers, you can use a cloth with either rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove dirt. It has been noted that rubbing alcohol is more successful at this job, and that the use of white vinegar may leave a slight odor. However, both work well at removing dirt from the suede bottoms!


Beyond these tips, there is some interesting wool science that allows your slippers to stick with you for a long time. You may notice that wool does not get smelly after multiple wears, but you may be second-guessing yourself on their cleanliness. Do not worry! Wool repels oils, as it is oleophobic, so our own body oils break down and do not get absorbed into the wool of the slipper. This is why slippers made of wool material are such a great option. With this in mind, we hope it eases you to know that with the proper care your slippers will remain in great shape.

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