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Production Process

How Your French Knot Favorites Are Made

We are proud to partner with over 1,000 female artisans in Nepal, who dye, spin, knit, and embroider every French Knot piece by hand. You may be surprised by how much planning, time, and care goes into every style before it makes it to your closet. Shortly after our Fall/Winter Collection launch each year, Lindsay starts designing for the next year’s collection (yes — 10 months in advance)! In the following weeks and months, Lindsay works closely with our Nepalese partners to create samples, finalize designs, and produce every style to meet French Knot’s high quality standards. So what exactly does it take for your crocheted handwarmers or knitted beret to make it from a concept to your closet? Take a peek inside the production process that brings your favorite cozy accessories to life.

Step One: Order Yarn

Our vendors typically have up to 500 kg of white yarn in stock and 3 - 8 kg of each color in stock. If our orders require colors that are already in stock, we can skip ahead to step 3! If our designs have new colors, more yarn is ordered which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Production Process: Around 500 KG of white yarn in a plastic bag. 2 Nepalese women shifting through the yarn.


Step Two: Dye Yarn

With relatively small amounts of dyed yarn on hand, the team often needs to dye new yarn for larger orders and new hues. The process of dyeing yarn can take up to two weeks, between waiting in the queue at the dye factory and allowing a few days for the yarn to fully dry before making cones ready for knitting.


Blue, Pink, Red, and Purple Hanging Bundles of Yarn


Step Three: Knitting

Our knitters may work individually or in groups as part of knitting circles with up to 15 knitters. These knitters and crocheters typically have a specialty and tend to work on that same type of item. For example, some knitters may prefer to make just hats, while others focus on only handwarmers. It can take up to two weeks for knitters to get their samples correct, at which time production can begin


Knitting Hands of Nepalese Woman


A hat can be knitted in a single day, whereas a sweater may take 4 - 6 days!


Nepalese Women Leaning Forward on Blue Knitted Sweatshirt with a Tape Measure


Step Four: Embroidery

Embroidery is what takes our designs from beautiful to extraordinary. As one of the most important steps in our process, adding those intricate details with the utmost care is what makes French Knot so special.


Nepalese Women Picture Taken From Above. Sitting in a chair embroidering a tan Tilly Scarf


Step Five: Finishing Touches

Our super-soft fleece lining is ordered and cut to size early on, so it’s ready to go once knitting is complete. The lining and care label are attached to the style, then a quality inspection is conducted, checking for any loose threads and ensuring everything meets our high standards.


Nepalese Women Sitting in Front of Pink Wall with Table in Front of her Having a Pile of Fleece Lining


Step Six: Packing & Shipping

Once a piece is complete, the hangtag is attached and each item is packed individually. When the order is complete, everything is boxed up and shipped back to us in Indiana for a final quality inspection. Our Lafayette warehouse team sorts and organizes the styles to make picking orders more efficient, so you can get your colorful and cozy pieces as quickly as possible!

Knitted Handwarmers on A Nepalese Women's Hands

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