Our story

An embellished beginning

Lindsay MasonPlain white T’s are perfectly fine as an undershirt or even a clever name for your band. But as an outfit or work uniform? Hard pass for 16-year-old Lindsay.

That’s why she decided to add a little color to her GAP standard while working for the retailer as a teen… only to be sent home to change out of her colorful custom embellishments.

Thankfully Lindsay didn’t let this little ding for her moment of expression alter her vision. Her personal style and passion for textiles continued to grow through the years. After studying fashion and textile design at Syracuse University, Lindsay spent seven years working in the fashion industry.

However, while working as a knitwear designer in Colorado, Lindsay was laid off. This meant she had to move back home to her small town in Massachusetts and start the career chase all over again.


But she couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe it was time to start her own business. 

Two things were certain: she would miss working with the women artisans she had come to know and she was passionate about designing knitwear. It was the summer of 2012. With little funds and a whole lot of encouragement from family and friends, Lindsay decided to get started and named her business after her favorite embroidery stitch - French Knot. Her dad helped furnish a humble design office in an old barn on their family’s property where she worked day and night for six months to develop her first line of winter accessories.

She debuted the line in January 2013 at her first trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her winter collection was full of inviting textures, playful blends of color and of course, beautiful embellishments. French Knot ended up taking orders for over 12,000 pieces in her first season - proving her tireless work in isolation during the previous six months was totally worth it!

Since then, French Knot has released a new line each Fall and is celebrating seven years of business. Working out of Millbury, Massachusetts in a restored mill for the last few years, Lindsay recently relocated French Knot design headquarters to Lafayette, Indiana.

A blend of artistry and ethics. 

The fashion industry can be shockingly wasteful and unethical. Yet Lindsay believes that responsible sourcing and handcrafting can create beautiful products that not only endure, but also celebrate talented women artisans and time-honored craftsmanship. From the very beginning, French Knot’s mission has been to create stylish winter accessories that emphasize quality, design, and social responsibility.

As a result, Lindsay has always worked hand-in-hand with highly-skilled female artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. She now collaborates with over 1000 women who spin, dye, knit, and felt French Knot accessories using skills entrusted by generations and guided by sustainable practices.

Some women choose to knit from their homes while they care for their families, and others prefer to work together in knitting circles. French Knot follows fair trade principles and pays the artisans a living wage. French Knot winter accessories are made to last. They source high-quality natural wools that are spun and dyed by hand, a process that produces little to no emissions.

The combination of French Knot’s unique patterns, stunning hand-embroidery, and elaborate embellishments create a line of winter hats and accessories unlike any other in today's market.