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About French Knot

An embellished beginning.


Lindsay Mason

Lindsay grew up in the small historic town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts where she discovered early on her love for antique shops. Invariably she was attracted to vintage textiles and hats, as her personal style and love of color continued to flourish.

Later Lindsay would graduate from Syracuse University’s Fashion and Textiles Design program. After navigating the fashion industry for seven years she started French Knot (named after her favorite embroidery stitch). Her dad even helped furnish a humble design office in the family’s barn.

Since then, Lindsay has released a new line each fall for the last nine years - and relocated her business to Indiana. Her hand-drawn designs highlight intricate embroidery, a glowing color palette, and beautiful embellishments that recall a vintage, feminine feel.

By mixing beautiful patterns with warm and cozy yarns, French Knot accessories appeal to women of all ages and also last for generations to come.

Major retailers began taking notice of French Knot from the very start. Now French Knot products are sold in Anthropologie stores, Sundance catalog and over 200 other retailers across the US.

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Hand-Knit in Nepal

A thread of wool weaves French Knot and more than 1,000 Nepalese artisans together. The people of Nepal are so special to Lindsay and make up a very meaningful part of her life and her livelihood.

In 2013, Lindsay made her first visit to the country where her designs take shape, ensuring fair trade principles and taking in firsthand the knitters’ level of artistry and pride. These skilled artisans have mastered embroidery and two-needle hand knitting to execute Lindsay's original design and vision in every accessory.


A Blend of Artistry and Ethics

Lindsay believes that responsible sourcing and handcrafting can create beautiful products that not only endure, but also celebrate talented women artisans, time-honored craftsmanship, and sustainable practices.

French Knot follows fair trade principles and pays the artisans a living wage. Some women choose to knit from their homes while they care for their families, and others prefer to work together in knitting circles.

Quality is an important measure at French Knot. Winter accessories are sourced from 100% lambswool and high-end mohair to ensure every piece is velvety soft and enduring. The wool is then spun and dyed by hand, a traditional process that produces little to no emissions - emphasizing both lasting quality and social responsibility.