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Gift Guides That Give Back

Discover the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.
Did you know that every purchase you make from French Knot directly affects the livelihood and community of our amazing artisans in Nepal? These women are so talented, and put love and care into each and every hand-knit stitch. You can absolutely feel it! The warmth and coziness of our hats are like nothing else and will elicit squeals of delight when your loved one opens a French Knot gift on Christmas morning!
We have put together a few gift guides to help you shop for all those who you love, including yourself!

For the enchanting lady in your life who adores all things lovely, whimsical and soft... these gorgeous pieces will ensure she feels her most romantic, charming self! 

Click items below to shop: 

1. Marigold Earflap in Mauve

2. Fiona Hat in Turquoise

3. Snow Flower Cloche in Mustard

4. Cozy Ethnic Hat in Pink

5. Snow Flower Cloche in Sorbet

6. Felt Flower Hat in Blush

7. Molly Beret in Melon

8. Snow Flower Hand Warmers in Sorbet

9. Gwen Hand Warmers in Turquoise

10. Snow Flower Hand Warmers in Berry

11. French Knot Hand Warmers in Mauve

12. Native Lux Hand Warmer in Red

13. Eskimo Mitten in Mauve

14. Native Lux Hand Warmer in Mustard

Have you noticed terracotta and mustard colors everywhere this Fall?

These rich hues are trending, and going nowhere fast! The best part, is how flattering they are on everyone and with so many different styles of hats and hand warmers, the possibilities are endless. Keep your loved ones warm in these cozy knits, all winter long.

Click items below to shop:

1. Lorelai Hat in Mustard

2. Felt Flower Headband in Spice

3. Snow Flower Cloche in Mustard

4. Slouchy Brooch in Spice

5. Molly Hand Warmer in Spice 

6. Iris Hand Warmer in Spice

7. Rita Convertible Mitten in Peach

8. Eskimo Mitten in Mauve

9. Molly Beret in Spice

10. Fiona Hat in Mustard

11. Lorelai Hat in Spice

12. Vintage Chalet in Mustard 

13. Hazel Mitten in Spice

14. Crochet Hand Warmer in Gray

15. Rita Convertible Mitten in Spice

16. Gwen Hand Warmer in Mustard

Finding the perfect gift for your Mother-in-law can be tricky. Luckily for you, these pieces have all been approved! You can't go wrong with a pair of cashmere embroidered gloves and a cloche style hat, made especially for the matriarch of the family. 

Click items below to shop:

1. Paris Hat in Natural

2. French Knot Hand Warmer in Gray

3. Gardenia Wrap in Black

4. Iris Hand Warmer in Black

5. Vera Kashmir Gloves in Oatmeal

6. Deco Vine Cloche in Black

7. French Knot Hand Warmer in Emerald

8. Abby Cloche in Emerald

9. Mabel Hat in Mauve

10. Embroidered Hand Warmer in Gray

11. Fiona Hat in Black

12. Fur Loop Gloves in Black

These stunning Winter accessories will surely delight the fun loving, free-spirit in your life. Mix and layer textures of embroidery, embellished beading and rich color to discover a world of endless possibilities. 

Click items below to shop:

1. Slouchy Brooch in Spice

2. Molly Beret in Emerald

3. Ruby Headband in Sorbet

4. Flower Crown Headband in Turquoise 

5. Rita Convertible Mittens in Spice

6. Molly Hand Warmer in Blue

7. Hazel Mittens in Turquoise  

8. Eskimo Mittens in Mauve

9. Cozy Ethnic in Pink

10. Chunky Hat in Lavender

11. Vintage Chalet Hat in Mustard

12. Molly Beret in Melon 

13. Native Lux Hand Warmer in Mustard

14. Iris Hand Warmer in Natural

15. Momo Hand Warmer in Mustard

16. Crochet Hand Warmer in Peach


While French Knot typically boasts colorful, vibrant knits and embroidery, we understand there are others who enjoy a more subdued style. While we can't resist a pop of color, these soft grays with a hint of mint or a classic cream is sure to delight the minimalist in your life. 

Click items below to shop:

1. Deco Vine Cloche in Gray

2. Embroidered Hand Warmer in Gray

3.  French Knot Hand Warmer in Black

4. Abby Cloche in Black

5. Cable Braid in Natural

6. Snow Flower Hand Warmer in Gray

7. French Knot Hand Warmer in Gray

8. Paris Hat in Natural

9. Mabel Hat in Black

10. Vivienne Hand Warmer in Black

11. Florence Hand Warmer in Natural

12. Felt Flower Hat in Gray

Everyone loves a cozy home, especially around the holidays! These felted holiday items bring just the right amount of holiday cheer and warmth. Our sweet felted dolls are sure to elicit squeals of delight from any rosy-cheeked young one in your life. These whimsical items are cute as a button!

Click items below to shop:

1. Meadow Stocking

2. Evergreen Stocking

3. Coo Coo Bird Stocking

4. French Knot Doll - Saheli

5. French Knot Doll - Nheela

6. French Knot Doll - Matina

7. French Knot Animal Friend - Lulu The Lamb

8. French Knot Animal Friend - Fern The Fox

9. French Knot Animal Friend - Sophia The Cat

10. Angel Tree Topper

11. Nutcracker Tree Topper

12. Reindeer Tree Topper in Pink

13. Reindeer Tree Topper in Mustard

14. French Knot Angel Ornaments

15. Yarn Pom Ornaments

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