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Embroidery & Mindfulness

We are embroidery fanatics and appreciate not only its beauty upon completion, but also the benefits of the creation process. 

Freelance contributor Cassie Steele touches upon why this skill is important and valuable to learn, especially as children. We agree that learning about embroidery is important for individual development and also preserving the art.

The artisans we work with in Nepal have passed down these skills through generations. Although the article below focuses on children, embroidery can also be a great stress relief for people of all ages! 

Here is Cassie on the benefits of learning embroidery :) 

How Can Children Benefit by Learning Embroidery?

Embroidery, handcrafted with lots of love and care, is often just the thing needed to jazz up everything from knitted handwarmers to gloves, hats, and scarves. It adds a designer touch to clothing and accessories, turning them into little works of art that we wear, contemplate, and even talk about with those who admire the uniqueness of each design.

Embroidery is fast becoming a popular hobby once again, since research is showing that hobbies like sewing and knitting can help calm our nerves, and put us into a more focused, mindful state. Your kids can avail of the many benefits of sewing and embroidery, starting simply and working their way up to more complex designs.

Sewing Fosters Creativity

When kids begin to embroider, the aim is usually to keep their stitches neat and within a specific drawing. As they become more self-confident in their abilities, however, they can begin to create their own designs, expressing their interests and style through works that can be given to friends and loved ones on birthdays and other festive occasions.

Embroidery and Problem Solving

Imagine your child is sewing and the thread knots up, the thread slips through the needle, or your child stitches outside the established design. Your child could either see these events as a source of frustration, or an opportunity to hone their problem solving skills.

As children become more adept or even purchase their own embroidery machine, their projects will become more complex and problems will probably arise which they cannot fix by ‘starting from scratch’.

Learning techniques such as gently removing part of the design and sewing over it, and other tricks of the trade, will be vital when your child is older. The mistakes they make will teach them qualities such as patience, calm, and the need to find creative solutions to problems.

Embroidery and Mindfulness

Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi are three commonly used alternative therapies for stress and anxiety. What they have in common, is their strong mindfulness component; their ability to keep the mind in the present moment, free from worries about the future or regret about the past.

Embroidery has more in common with these Eastern practices than we may initially realize. As a hobby requiring intense focus, repetitive movements and at least 15 minutes to half an hour of consistent work to achieve results, it is an ideal way to keep the mind in a creative zone, while keeping negative thought patterns at bay.

Embroidery is an excellent way for children to hone their mindfulness, learn important life skills, and tap into their creative side. Small and larger projects alike can serve as gifts or artwork, to be contemplated with pride and joy for many years to come.

French Knot Embroidery and Mindfulness


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