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Meet Our Team

Lindsay Mason

Lindsay MasonFrench Knot is the creation of designer Lindsay Mason, whose work emphasizes a playful blend of color, texture and embellishments. Lindsay graduated from Syracuse University’s Fashion and Textiles Design program. She has since worked in the fashion and textiles industry, designing for companies such as Simplicity, Free People, and Icelandic Design. Lindsay started French Knot three years after moving back to her hometown in Massachusetts. Then, last fall, Lindsay and her husband relocated to Lafayette, Indiana for Dan's job. Lindsay moved the business and is happily adjusting to life in Indiana. With the help of all the wonderful people below, French Knot continues to be successful. 
Lindsay enjoys: exploring her new Indiana surroundings, DIY projects, and she's still trying to find a good spot for hiking with her husband Dan and their dog, Wilbur (see picture below). 


Ken & Carol Mason

Ken and Carol are Lindsay’s parents and Co-Owners. They believed in French Knot from the very beginning. Ken and Carol both work full-time jobs, but still make time to help out from Massachusetts whenever possible. They help with everything from processing orders to packing shipments.

Ken enjoys: spending his days off restoring antique cars as well as designing and building things around the house. 

Carol enjoys: cooking, baking, and babysitting Wilbur. 


Trista Schurman

Trista SchurmanTrista is French Knot’s Operations Manager who wears many hats. She helps oversee daily operations, communicates with suppliers, tracks production and factory allocation, as well as maintains accounts payable and strategizes overall operations processes. Occasionally Trista puts on an HR/administration hat too. Whew... that's a lot of hats!

Trista enjoys: crafting, creating and anything DIY, reading, taking classes, and learning new things. Trista is also a huge Star Wars fan and loves spending time with her friends, family and crazy little boys. 


Clara Paris

Clara Paris

Clara is French Knot’s Design Assistant. Clara is a recent Purdue University graduate with a degree in apparel design and technology. While at Purdue, she studied abroad at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute where she learned more about the textile design. Here at French Knot she helps Lindsay with knit patterns, trend research, evaluating samples, and more.

Clara enjoys: classic films, attending music shows, thrifting vintage sweaters, hanging out with her huge family (6 brothers and sisters), creating art, and baking sweet things.


Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore

Melissa is French Knot's Sales Coordinator. Melissa communicates with buyers and boutique owners to help spread French Knot all over the country. She also writes press releases and works on the back-end of the consumer and wholesale website to keep the shopping experience running smoothly. 

Melissa enjoys: running, hiking, reading Vogue, classic films, baking anything with flour, and picking fresh flowers. 


Stacia Susienka (Grammy)

grammyStacia is Lindsay’s Grandmother and French Knot’s biggest cheerleader. Stacia may be in her 80’s, but it didn't stop her from coming into the office to help with Quality Control and Shipments during the first few years. Stacia has helped French Knot ship out some of their largest orders. She has saved the day many times, by coming into the office to help when Lindsay is swamped and is a vital team member. And, she is still the first person Lindsay calls with good news!

Stacia enjoys: baking, shopping, and spending time with her family.                                                                                                                         



Wilbur is Lindsay's dog-baby aka French Knot's fashion director. Wilbur comes into the office every day and keeps things in line. He is great at barking orders. But, he is known best for his excellence in office security, especially when there's a delivery at the door - even though he is usually rewarded for his barking. 

Wilbur enjoys: barking at people, playing hide-and-go-seek, barking at people, watching Animal Planet, and did we mention barking at people?